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Ubunoir - Music for Jenkem Blimps


  1. Gloria Balsam - Fluffy
  2. Toxic Chicken - Junkie Song
  3. Logosamphia - Reptile Incest Conservatives Dancing Around The Flame
  4. Pere Dodudaboum - Vieille Gauffre
  5. Tracky Birthday - Websiiite (with Dragan Espenschied)
  6. Don Augusto - Alto
  7. Picky Picnic - Kutabireta Q - Abgetragener Q
  8. Okapi - Massaggi
  9. A Smile for Timbuctu - Fresh Tomato
  10. G.G.Allin's Dick - Herve Villechaize Plays The Organ
  11. Katapulto - Fake French Rap
  12. Eric Peters - Keystone Capers 2 / Julian Antonisz - Film o Sztuce Biurowej
  13. Gelbart - Food Delivery Squad
  14. Rokhausen - Corn Dogs For Home Use
  15. The Bran Flakes - Rodeo Butterfly
  16. Expat Inuit & I. C. Squirrel, Twocsinak and DJ Sarah Wilson - Zero all / Zen & the start of amateurs biting Bassline House / Zoophilia, or: Batin' over Kate's cartoon monster-producing bush
  17. Gym & Tony - The Friend
  18. Felix Kubin - Qualität Des Staates
  19. Nobody's Dreamboat - Nobody's Dreamboat
  20. Extreme Animals - Time To Face The Music
  21. Waszka G - Biedacy
  22. Tafra - Cheesy Epic View


This is a fresh set of enjoyable, cheerful songs coming from the hands of mr ubunoir, who compiled and mixed some of his recent top picks in the way that meets the ouiedire standards. It is both cheap and rich sounding electronics, it has some heavy-sampled parts and catchy synthlines as well a lot of beautiful singing too! If you want to listen to more of similar stuff in the classic play & tell manner (often with more chiptunes and psychodelic shit added), please check out the ISTOTA SSACA podcast , which is also broadcasted in the polish radio*sitka.

Special thanx for voice contribution / music sharing: Lutek, Wojtek, Katapulto, Pere Dodudaboum, Gym & Tony