j'en ai déjà entendu parler quelque part

Des copains, des artistes, des fêtards, des autistes, des labels c'est Ouïedire!
Des collages à en perdre les oreilles, des mixes en pagaille, absurdes ou panachés, différents univers se croisent dans Ouïedire.
Ouïedire, ce sont des gens, tout simplement, qui nous font goûter leur substance sonore le temps d'une émission.

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ailleurs 77 / Minty - Le tour de monde Minty 2 (18/12/2014)

  1. 00:00:00 Intro
  2. 00:00:15 Ex-Girl - Disco 3000/Sex Machine (0438)
  3. 00:05:45 Sonic Youth - Theoretical Chaos
  4. 00:07:37 Party Catani - Valentine
  5. 00:11:35 Kaptain Cadillac - Bounce and Bang
  6. 00:14:51 Dj Schwarzenegger - Intro from Beverly Hills
  7. 00:16:11 Arm vs UNO - Shuojo Satoritaa
  8. 00:19:39 Darktek - Enculeaur D’arbre (VIP Version)
  9. 00:21:35 S☆F - Displease
  10. 00:23:06 ATB - Don’t Stop (Kanji Kinetic Refix)
  11. 00:27:10 The Minty - Q-Inn
  12. 00:29:52 Gangpol Und Mit - Chinese Slavery
  13. 00:32:29 Eero Johannes - Mantik
  14. 00:35:57 Ilkae - Setzer
  15. 00:40:29 They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them - Starburst
  16. 00:42:35 Yeah, Yeah,Yeahs - Y Control
  17. 00:45:35 Mr. Bungle - Vanity Fair
  18. 00:48:00 The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
  19. 00:50:41 Norman Bambi - Superhero (with Oly)
  20. 00:55:25 Grimes - Oblivion (The Minty Bite Mix)

Taste a year’s worth of musical touring in just one Ouï-dire!

This is an invitation to take an unstable but very interesting and just fucking fun trip starting on French boats, hospitals and wheelchairs, healing and then going to the rainy forests in Wales full of trippy people in the bonfire woods, radically changing to the lovely dust storms at Nowhere, ice-cold keg beer in the middle of the desert, blinking led canes, passing thru costume and torture chambers in London, meat freezers in Dordrecht, red lighted Amsterdam radio shows, burning party dancefloors in Paris and very sunny naked friendly beaches in Barcelona as well as the rambla’s darkish alleys with really refreshing giant gin & tonics and of course, absinthe, without forgetting to eat all that magnificent pizza in Italy of course!

Bon appétit…